CalABC 1.1.0

CalABC 1.1.0


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Date Added:26 November, 2014


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CalABC is not just a simple virtual calculator but an equation solver. That is, it's designed to solve an entire equation consisting of a series of numbers and mathematical signs only when you tap the equal button instead of making a calculation every time you tap a sign like + and -. In this way, you can go back with the backspace button to correct a mistake when necessary.

// Features //

1. Solve an entire equation only when you tap the equal pad. You can correct a mistake with the backspace button when necessary.

2. Tap Copy 1 to copy the answer into the clipboard. Tap Copy 2 to copy the equation into the clipboard.

3. Format the answer with commas or not. (See Preferences.)

4. Choose one of seven background text images. (See Preferences.)

5. With an in-app purchase, get access to additional mathematical signs such as percentage, square root, factorial, 10-base logarithm...

6. With an in-app purchase, get access to the Answers table, which lists answers. When you select an answer in the list, CalABC will automatically copy it into the clipboard. You can also let CalABC automatically append the answer of your selection to the equation.

7. The application comes with a built-in quick user's guide (See > Preferences > Help.) on top of a complete user's guide hosted at our web site.

8. File size: 10.2 MB

9. No ad!

// Limitations //

1. The equal pad will not become active when the equation ends with a mathematical sign (+, -, *, /), the comma or the open parenthesis.

2. This application supports the Portrait orientation only.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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